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Cosmetic Acupuncture

I have had patients tell me that on a very special occasion (ie her fiftieth birthday) she treated herself to a Botox treatment.

These women paid a dermatologist $1,500 for the procedure and looked pretty good for about 3 months, until the magic potion wore away.

There is a long lasting and cheaper alternative that women are now reaching for, called “facial acupuncture”. What is facial acupuncture or cosmetic acupuncture? It is acupuncture that is directed to improve the face. It’s the strategic placement of extremely fine needles on the face; the results are often remarkable.

Ten sessions over a five week period will render the greatest results. Patients often report that their skin looks smoother, younger, uplifted and brighter.

No chemicals are injected. No surgery is performed.

Wrinkles are often caused by tense muscles. Acupuncture treatments relax these muscles and increase circulation of blood and fluids. When relaxation of muscle tension takes place, both frown lines and eye bags are greatly reduced.

One technique I often use is to take a very thin, hair-like needle and slide it under a crease or wrinkle. This has the effect of raising up the wrinkle, making it much less pronounced.

For the most effective treatment to take place I usually choose what are called “distal points.” These are acupuncture points selected on the hands or feet that can help direct energy (qi) that affect the circulation in the face. Often I combine this with a cool laser treatment which enhances collagen and gives the skin a radiant look.

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