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PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is an anxiety disorder that may have an onset after experiencing a traumatic event that involves the threat of injury or death.? This severe anxiety disorder can develop?after a person experiences any event that creates psychological trauma.? In effect, symptoms are a result of recalling and the repeated reliving of an event. Soldiers often experience recurring distressing memories, flashback episodes which recall the traumatic event. These events are burned into their consciousness.

Feelings of detachment, difficulty in concentration, exaggerated response to stimuli, irritability, outburst of anger, disturbed sleeping patterns are often reported. According to the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder one in thirteen Americans will experience some form of PTSD and 30% of these will go on to develop a chronic form of the disorder.

There are several treatment options for PTSD and the approach continues to be refined as more is learned about the disorder.? Although the military has been criticized as slow to act in regards to PTSD, there are studies underway and some have already concluded. The studies validate that acupuncture helps to relieve symptoms associated with PTSD. The University of New Mexico is conducting a two-year study of the effects in treating PTSD with acupuncture. The researchers support using acupuncture for PTSD because it is showing to be effective in helping with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and pain disorder among the symptoms treated.

Paul M Murphy has been practicing acupuncture since 1995 and is also certified in Oriental medicine. He has helped thousands of people over the years, and relocated his practice to Atlanta Georgia from New York City in 2007.

Paul has helped many people with PTSD related symptoms and can help you. Please call 770.905.5560 to speak with Paul and schedule a free telephone consultation, or to schedule an appointment. Locations are convenient to people in the Atlanta and Alpharetta Georgia area.

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