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Sports Injuries

Treating Sports Injuries with Acupuncture

Athletes are able to heal more quickly from sports injuries today. Treating sports injuries with acupuncture is part of that reason why some are able to heal faster. Many sports injuries can be classified as either a strain or a sprain. Sports injuries can be placed into three phases: acute, sub acute and chronic. The aspect of Time separates these phases.

The acute phase will occur within the first 72 hours following an injury. The affected region may show swelling, inflammation with discoloration, decreased range of motion, mild or severe localized pain. Often a person is unable to put full weight on a limb, and importantly may show a decrease in their range of motion. After 72 hours and up to about 3 months following an injury the sub acute phase is in play. This phase is crucial in which the acupuncturist skills can ensure a rapid recovery. Patients often report that their pain has decreased along with swelling and range of motion has also improved. At that point an athlete may feel like discontinuing treatment since pain is often greatly reduced.

Pain should not be the indicating factor in determining maximum medical improvement. Unfortunately athletes find that even though pain is diminished they still have a significant decrease in their range of motion, making them more susceptible to reinjure.

Recently professional sports teams have started to utilize acupuncture. The San Francisco Giants have added an acupuncturist to their staff. Like most athletes, baseball players can get pretty banged up as well. Their head athletic trainer was quoted as saying that his players definitely get back into the game more quickly because of their acupuncture treatments adding that the players love the treatments. Acupuncture can actually help heal injuries because it helps increase the immune system which enhances the healing process. Muscle tension is also decreased, resulting in more strength, flexibility and range of motion.

Acupuncture is effective in helping reduce muscle strains, low back pain, hamstrings, shoulder issues, muscle tightness and just about any other type of sports injury. Professional and amateur athletes have discovered that acupuncture can help accelerate the healing process.

Paul M Murphy has been practicing acupuncture for 15 years and is also certified in Oriental medicine. He has helped thousands of people over the years, and relocated his practice to Atlanta Georgia from New York City in 2007.

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