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Acupuncture and Weight Loss

Acupuncture and Weight Loss might be referred to as a dynamic duo when treating obesity. Indeed, obesity has become a very common health problem in our society and many people are looking for answers with the majority of Americans overweight and one third obese. Many eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) with fast food restaurants challenging us at every street corner and the harried pace of our days. When it comes down to it, after all the fad diets, drugs, drinks and energy bars ultimately there are few successful treatment options. The drug treatments that available are either often not effective or carry a risk of serious side effects. A person should examine the intake of the amount of food, and the types of food, but how they think about food.

Often common ailments accompany obesity, these include:
Irregular menstrual flow
Depression with mood swings
PMS, irregular menstrual flow
Skin irruptions which is caused by toxic heat in the blood
Exhaustion and fatigue
Irregular bowl movement

Acupuncture which has shown to be effective for numerous health issues for thousands of years can make a difference in weight loss. It is not a quick fix way to drop the pounds but works in a gradual reduction method, not too fast but usually steady.

While losing weight, these ailments can also be addressed and corrected. Acupuncture and herbs can help to increase energy and metabolism, suppress appetite, and eliminate the accumulation of water and internal dampness. To see if you have internal dampness roll down your socks and look to see if they leave an imprint on your legs.

Acupuncture will strengthen the digestive and endocrine system. By stimulating the digestive system both the spleen and stomach will become more efficient at transforming and transporting food energy. This will then decrease the appetite and you feel like eating less. When we get our metabolism in order the body regulates the amount of calories we consume.

Acupuncture and weight loss are both good things to add to your “to-do” health list. Patients who are overweight may have problems with joints and lower back pain in part, because of their weight. Although acupuncture can help many conditions, all my patients want to know how much weight they can loose and how long will it takes to lose that weight. The answer is that all patients are different and lose weight at their own speed. Some patients can lose weight right away, while others don’t lose until after a month. At some point, patients do notice the change. They crave foods less, think about eating less often and this helps them to less overall. Just one acupuncture treatment per week in combination with an herbal formula, and someone could expect to lose a pound a week. With diet modification and exercise perhaps one and a half pounds a week. Acupuncture is one of the safest and most effective medical modalities and is used throughout the world today.

Paul M Murphy has been practicing acupuncture for 15 years and is also certified in Oriental medicine. He has helped thousands of people over the years, and relocated his practice to Atlanta Georgia from New York City in 2007.

My Atlanta Acupuncture has been helping people with acupuncture and weight loss for years. We provide acupuncture and weight loss therapy from our locations in the Atlanta Georgia area. Please call 770.905.5560 to speak with Paul and schedule a free telephone consultation to see how we may help you, or to schedule an appointment.

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